The Caminho do Dão is calling!

Come pioneer this spring and be part of the first group to ever walk the entire length of the Dão valley. Join this nature pilgrimage through the beautiful valley from the source to the mouth of the river. Your footsteps will help bring this trail to life so that, for many years to come, other hikers can do the same. Together as a group we will make a start in experiencing and envisioning how the Caminho do Dão can contribute to the conservation and appreciation of nature in the Dão valley.

Walking is one of the most simple activities we can engage in and it can generate a profound connection to the world around us, the people we walk with and to ourselves. The Dão river and valley provide an interesting set of conditions that are ideal for a hiking experience that is dedicated to this sense of connection.

The virtues of walking the Caminho do Dão.

~ A long distance hike such as this offers the hiker time and space to really feel free in the world and reflect.
~ The trail is called ‘Caminho do Dão’ because it is imagined as a pilgrimage where the hiker, just as on ‘the other Caminho’, can experience regeneration.
~ As a hiker and visitor of the valley you literally and figuratively support the people that live here. Your presence and appreciation go a long way in a region that suffers from abandonment.
~ Hiking through the valley over old rural paths brings attention to the value of this environment and can help in the efforts to protect the habitats along the river.
~ Getting to know a river from its source to its mouth can strengthen our bond with and love for the earth and the cycles of life.