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CdD 1.0 ~ Boa Gente

Donna Juliana do café em Matança
Senhor Alfonso do Café Alberquerque in Sezures

The kind people we meet along the way.

This message is dedicated to all the kind and open hearted people we have met on our Caminho since we started 3 days ago. I know it is not necessary for the story but I wish I had taken a picture of everyone we got to really meet and talk to as I just want to pay tribute to their kindness. The conversations we had and things we learned have added a rich and soft layer of comfort to our experience here in the Dão valley. The social element of our walk is so interesting and the moments we have with the people we meet touch us so deeply every single time it actually made us cry this morning. Thank you Donna Augusta, Senhor Barranha, Helder, Tiago, Senhor Luciano, Ricardo, José, Donna Juliana and Senhor Alfonso.
So far you have really shown us: há Boa Gente por aqui!

Tiago e fihas do Quinta do Ribeiral
Senhor Luciano do Cafe em Matela

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