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~ O Caminho do Dão autumn 2019 ~ Walking with friends and colleagues ~

Ponte Dum near Campina
Ponte Dum near Campina
Ponte Dum near Campina

Come join the second exploration of the Caminho do Dão.

Walk for a day, a few days or a whole week! Between October 7 and 13.

For the purpose of further developing the Caminho do Dão I am planning a week this autumn to walk the trail again, possibly make some changes in the route and contemplate on the project while walking. I am inviting people from my network or friends of friends who are interested in the Dão valley to join this further exploration of the valley and this walking route. It's a beautiful time to walk; the Indian Summer time in Portugal. When the temperatures are a bit more forgiving and the grape leaves are turning color. Join and walk the beautiful Dão valley while it is changing into its fall colors.

Hiking distance per day varies between 20 - 25 kilometer and is over old rural paths with a low to medium degree of difficulty, mainly relating to the walking up and out and back down into of the valley of the Dão river.

The planning of the walking days between October 7 and 13 will be very flexible and depend on who wants to come and join the exploration and on the priorities in further exploring the Caminho on some alterative routes on the different legs of the trail. Co-explorers can decide if they want to travel between home and the Caminho or if they want an overnight stay (possible) in case of walking multiple days. 5 days of walking can be planned in 7 days so there is flexibility and all options are on the table.

Pls explore this website for an impression of the Caminho do Dão.
Questions? Call me at 933956630 or send me an email



day 1, walking from Barranha to Forninhos 23 km
day 2, walking from Forninhos do Penalva do Castelo 23 km
day 3, walking from Penalva do Castelo to Moinhos do Dão (Mangualde) 22 km
day 4, walking  from Moinhos do Dão to Sangemil 25 km
day 5, walking from Sangemil to Ferreiros do Dão 13 km
day 6, walking from Ferreiros do Dão to Santa Comba Dão 20 km

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Water plants in the Dão by Dornelas

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