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CdD 1.0 ~ The numbers

Walking into Penalva do Castello
Coffee and maps for breakfast
Photo bombed by a bee

'Measuring is knowing'

It's a Dutch saying and holds some truth all though both 'knowing' and 'truth' are contested concepts 🙂

In any case we thought it would be good to share some numbers about our Caminho do Dão. Tomorrow is the last day of walking and it will be a 'shorty', only 12 km. We want to give ourselves a little pat on the back and show off our accomplishments here on the website 🙂 It has been such a good experience all over and besides a few phpt's (pain here pain there) the hiking itself went smooth for two people who don't hike such distances with a backpack and for a few days in a row. Happy to know we are in a good enough shape still!

Nadine has been keeping track of the hiking specs with her Garmin Fitness Tracker and the Strava App.
Here we go:

Days of walking ~ 7
Total Km ~ 112
Total hours of hiking movement ~ 30 (we take a lot of photos and check the map a million times per day!)
Footsteps per person ~ 202.549
Highest point ~ 760 mtrs at the source of the Dão
Lowest Point ~ 140 mtrs on the margin of the Dão by Fereirrós do Dão
Highest temperature ~ 27
Lowest temperature ~ 11

On the way to Darei on the lake of Fagilde

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