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Featured on Pure Portugal :-)

Thankful to be featured on the Blog and Facebook feed of Pure Portugal 'not your average real property seller'.
With respect for the work they do and the vision they stand for.

VISION Pure Portugal (from the website)

Our aim is to bring people back to the land and to encourage sustainable practices which enhance the environmental, social and economic life in Portugal, transforming rural areas back into thriving communities.

Pure Portugal is not your average property seller. Selling properties allows us to give back, supporting sustainable living in Portugal and offering the ability to be part of the global movement towards environmental regeneration. We contribute to the local economy through social connections and play a key role in transforming monoculture landscapes and addressing desertification. The people behind Pure Portugal share the same values and vision as their clients. We learn from you so that we can grow together.

We are happy to offer informal advice on all aspects of property purchase and sale, holiday accommodation, rentals, and living in Portugal – join our facebook group with over 23,000 helpful, friendly and active members sharing their questions, experiences and advice

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