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Spring Caminho 2021 ~ Going ahead making wholesome plans!

Full of hope, positivity and the desire to go for a long walk ~ we are planning the Caminho do Dão for this spring. If there was ever a time, right?! There is a good possibility that the group hike can happen and all the necessary preparations are being made to welcome hikers on the trail down the river valley.
We started promoting the full week and the 3 day weekend option for hikers to get to know the Dão valley. The 3 day track is also a good way to really ‘get away’ and have the full experience of what it means to experience this beautiful world through the act of walking. In the fall we’ll be organizing another 3 day weekend so hikers can get to know the entire length of the Dão river valley.

Take a look at the interactive map of the Caminho do Dão so you can get a taste of the trail and the diversity of nature and culture encounters along the way.
Start planning and packing!