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Certification Rewilding Tourism Training stage 1

Rewilding Tourism Training stage 1: Check! Yay!

Since 2019 Rewilding Europe is offering a Rewilding Tourism Training to professionalize and scale up nature-based tourism across Europe. In the fall of 2021 I participated in stage one of the training, passed the written assignment test and am happy to have received a certificate and badge to use in our communications.
Until you participate you never know what effect a training like this might have on your skills and interests. Let me just say: I feel very enriched and inspired by the experience as the program gives in depth information about the principles of rewilding and the potential for nature restoration and the development of nature based economies. The training is rooted in the inspiring examples of the Rewilding Europe areas and the work done by the scientists (biologists and ecologists) and entrepreneurs on the ground. For the Caminho do Dão and Moinhos do Dão it is exciting to be closely located to Rewilding Portugal in the Greater Coa Valley  and I am very much looking forward to integrating more Rewilding knowledge in our activities and collaborate with fellow 'Rewilders'!