Sangemil Sunday Morning Hike ~ a glimpse of history and a full dose of the current reality of life in the Dão valley.

Route: Hotel Beira Dão - Corujeiro - Furadouro - Penedo - várzeas do Rio Dão - Sangemil
8 km
Duration: 3-4 hrs depending on group
Hiking level: moderate
Lunch: optional at Hotel Beira Dão
Costs: € 12,50 for the hike,  € 25 for the hike & lunch (cost for kinds under 12: half price for the hiking part)
Starting point & time: 9h at parking area in front of Hotel Beira Dão

On this hike we’ll be exploring the Dão valley to the west of Sangemil. A area with the typical pastoral and agricultural lands along the river and near the villages and some interesting historic elements such as the ‘Moinho da Ana’ (see a video of the mill here) and the Solar dos Fidalgos. We’ll be walking through the hamlets of Furadouro and Penedo, beautifully located on the valley slopes, and use an old caminho that connects the two villages. Caminhos do Dão has opened up this trail with the help of volunteers and we are very motivated to play a part in facilitating the healthy act of walking in the Dão valley for visitors and inhabitants alike.

From the high point of Penedo the path leads down into the valley and the further west we walk the more quiet it gets. Upon reaching the river the path turns 180 degrees east towards Sangemil and we’ll walk back on the edge of the floodplains.

Even though we can enjoy the qualities of nature and culture in this part the Dão valley we can also still see the damage of the fires of 2017 that burned 40% of the valley and a total of half a million hectares in the center region of Portugal. It is undeniable that nature and the communities here still struggle to find a new balance and resilience. That is why on the Caminhos do Dão we visit and show interest in the life of people and nature in this region.

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