As virtudes de caminhar

Caminhar é uma das atividades mais básicas em que podemos nos envolver e pode gerar uma conexão profunda com o mundo ao nosso redor, com as pessoas com as quais caminhamos e com nós mesmos. Quando caminhamos, experimentamos uma proximidade com o mundo e todos os seus fenômenos. Se quer conhecer um lugar, passa por ele.

The Dão valley will tell you a story about a landscape in the 21st century and how it is shaped by the current social, economic and climate realities. A story about how nature survives and struggles and about the many many different ways people interact with the land. As one perceptive hiker said: Acho interessante como um produto: romance e realidade.


Some of the virtues of walking through the Dão valley:
~ A long distance hike such as this offers the hiker time and space to really feel free in the world and reflect.
~ The trail is called ‘Caminho do Dão’ because it is imagined as a pilgrimage where the hiker, just as on the other Caminho, can experience regeneration.
~ As a hiker and visitor of the valley you literally and figuratively support the people that live here. Your presence and appreciation go a long way in a region that suffers from abandonment.
~ Hiking through the valley over old rural paths brings attention to the value of this environment and can help in the efforts to protect the habitats along the river.
~ Getting to know a river from its source to its mouth can strengthen our bond with and love for the earth and the cycles of live.

The pilgrim walks to be present and to experience regeneration. Many philosophers and sages (Nietsche, Thoreau, The Buddha, Ghandi etc.) have gone before us and it was during the act of walking that their insights came and their work manifested.

O objetivo do projeto Caminho do Dão é facilitar a experiência de estar em um relacionamento saudável com nós mesmos, com os outros e com o mundo natural do qual fazemos parte.