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CdD 1.0 Bollos de Queijão

Bollos de Queijão ~ Boa primeira noite!

First night of our Caminho do Dão ~ staying in Carapito.

The village is in a festive mood, this is the weekend of the annual village festa. Hearing the 'musica popular' bouncing through the village as I am writing this post. Luckily the hotel room had double windows.
We had a very nice reception by a dead-tired hotel/cafe/restaurant owner donna Augusta.
While manning the bar, cooking in the restaurant and receiving guests this lady also had some 'Bollos de Queijão Fresco' (heavy cake-like bread with cheese mixed into it) baking in the wood fire oven. With pride she came to share the love and we got to eat one straight from the oven.
Thank you for your heartfelt hospitality!
Cafe Restaurant Hotel Terreiro de Santa Cruz.

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