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With a little help from our friends.

If it wasn’t for my best friend Nadine agreeing to walk the Dão valley with me the Caminho do Dão might still be a cherished dream. I am ever grateful for the experience we had together and for her support in the endeavor.

The Caminho do Dão – Nadine’s testimonial.

It started as a quest. A quest for what walking could mean for me. Away from everything, from the hectic life to silence and doing things at a slower pace. Often I look at the caminho from above and I can still see myself walking. Through this beautiful valley with beautiful nature and its friendly people.

From its origin to its mouth in the Mondeo. A clear goal but with a certain endlessness. After all, the flowing water does not end anywhere, it constantly mixes and merges into a larger whole. The Dão takes you along, teaches you to move with its flow.

It was a great pleasure to walk this walk with Freya. Not only does she know the Portuguese culture and language, but she also knows a lot about the valley, its history and the flora and fauna. In addition to her knowledge, she will also take you along in her love for this environment and she knows how to convey this in such a way that the Dão and its valley become a part of you and I am grateful to her for that.