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CdD 1.0 ~ Caminho do Dão ~ 120 km ~ 1 week

Walking into Penalva do Castello
Ponte Dum near Campina

Al long cherished wish has come to fruition: together with my dear friend Nadine I walked the entire length of the Dão river. In doing so we got to experience life, in the broadest sense of the word, in the Dão valley; the plants, animals, people and their communities (ecosystems and villages). We also got a first glimpse of the developments that are supporting and those that are threatening life in the valley. For someone who lives on the Dão river and wants the developments in the valley to be sustainable it feels empowering to now have a more intimate knowledge of this valley. I hope that this first time traversing it can be the start of a relationship that will deepen over time.

For me first of all there was the direct sensory experience of life in the valley; its colors, smells, contours and sounds which touched us on a physical and emotional level. And then there was the 'cerebral' and more analytical

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Sign in Sezures
Water plants in the Dão by Dornelas

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